Bonjour à tous,

Petite mise à jour en ce début de Septembre pour vous présenter le précieux Crystallum.

Avec 250 exemplaires dans le monde, c'est un des dragons les plus rares que je possède.

Ce petit, du nom de Dagator, a une très bonne bouille sur son rocher calcaire.


Crystallum, the legendary mine from which many of the most famous gems in history have been unearthed.
The wealth concealed within this geological treasure trove was believed to be greater than half the known kingdoms of the ancient world.
Adamas it was who first discovered this priceless well of gemstones ; Adamas, whose love of crystals was matched only by the dragons he tamed.
The fine senses of these faithful beasts were drawn to the singular energies of the buried stones, and the wizard used them to seek and find his wealth.
The motherlode that was to become Crystallum was discovered when, deep in a cave, the dragon Dagator came upon the great slab of diamond that was later to yield the ‘Heaven’s Tear’ for the labyrinth master Callidus, the ‘Star of Elana’ set in the crown of the famed queen and most renowned of all the ‘Silverfire stone’ that burned atop the staff of Adamas himself.
Needless to say the whereabouts of the mine were kept a close secret by the wizard Adamas but rumours abound that the verbuMMagus knows of a map concealed somewhere in his vast library, a map with an ‘X’ drawn in wizard’s blood!

H : 14 cm ; l : 11 cm
Collection : Dragonsite (Andrew Bill)
Numéro : 61 / 250
Matériau : résine


1. Le lundi, 7 septembre 2009, 18:09 par Hakutchi

J'adore sa petite bouille ainsi que sa position sur le rocher. Sa queue donne un beau mouvement de ... fluidité XD enfin je trouve.

Mais franchement sa tête !<3

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