Très proche d'Enchantica, avec quelques sculpteurs communs aux 2 groupes, Dragonsite propose des figurines en résines de dragons (beaucoup de fées également). Voilà 4 petits Bookwyrms, petits dragons en résine perchés sur des livres.

De gauche à droite :

  • Tender is a Knight
  • Drakes of Wrath
  • White Fang
  • Lord of the Wings

taille : environ une dizaine de cm chacun

Have you ever left a book for one minute, and returned to find it back on the shelf? Page markers on the wrong pages, or missing altogether? How about a book you borrowed only yesterday being mysteriously overdue?
Conjured inadvertently by the careless thoughts of daydreaming librarians, this growing brood of mischievous dragons spend their time wreaking havoc in magical libraries.
Never causing any real damage, these creatures are rarely glimpsed by human eye, and never by the library's keeper, for when he wakes, the Bookwyrms sleep.


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