Pièce très rare à trouver car la distribution est finie et la pièce limitée. Il a eut un petit accident à son arrivée, bout de queue et de griffes cassées par le transport , heureusement les cassures étaient nettes donc facilement re-collables !

Nom : Onslaught - Incursus - AB20004
Collection : Dragonsite
Edition : VerbumMagus
 : 0576 sur 2000
Sculpteur : Andrew Bill
Taille : environ 30cm de long et 14 de haut

They say that there is a crock of gold at every rainbow’s end, but fairy gold universally prized far about mere mortal wealth is a treasure dearly bought.
The verbuMMagus plucks a story from the shelves of Fairy Tales which tells of a particularly mischievous band of sylvan nymphs - spell-weavers, beguilers - who in common with many other magic-wielders loved to play tricks on dissatisfied mortals; using their greed or boredom to lure them to disaster. For despite being constantly told by the wise that there is no such thing as something for nothing, there are always those who refuse to believe it.
The fairy forest dwellers were generous in the amount of gold they placed at the end of their rainbows but they exacted a heavy toll: a dragon! Craftily concealed by enchantment, the ferocious beast would lie in wait for unsuspecting pilferers and then spring a terrifying ambush. Needless to say very few fairy coins ever found their way into general circulation!